A Dangerous Journey 

Writer, Director & Producer: Ruth Beni

Executive Producers: Olga Heaven MBE, Maggie Baxter OBE & Ruth Beni

A Dangerous Journey warns young African women of the dangers of being coerced and tricked into prostitution by traffickers who use scare tactics perpetrated by native doctors and false promises.

Created in partnership with Olga Heaven MBE and Hibiscus the film was made to support the charity (and others) in their work to help women who have been trafficked from West Africa to Europe as well as those who are at risk of being trafficked.

The campaign was launched in the House of Lords in October 2012. The film won the WorldGold Medal at the 2013 New York Festivals and the 2013 Human Trafficking Foundation Media Award.

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“This is an effective and memorable way to help protect young women! We need more animation and media to help protect young children and teenagers from evils in our world. This article is also a reminder to always pray for trafficking victims and find ways to help. It’s good to see animation being utilized for entertainment as well as for information. Kudos to all involved.”

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