Two Little Girls 


These features combined with illegal migration flowing into and through Transnistria contribute to favourable conditions for human trafficking.

The Transnistrian authorities have their own governmental structures, currency, army, telephone system and media.  Unrecognized internationally as an independent state and opposing any cooperation with Moldovan law enforcement, Transnistrian authorities are in a position to fight against the crime of human trafficking when the crime is registered. Sources indicate that human trafficking, particularly forced labour and sex trafficking, is a problem in Transnistria, however the scale is hard to gauge as the territory is outside of Moldova’s central government monitoring system. 

“An estimated 125,000 people will have seen the TLG film at cinema screenings in Transnistria two main cities, Tiraspol and Bender.”

NGO Interaction 

NGO Interaction is a Moldovan non-governmental organisation active in the Transnistria region of the Republic of Moldova. They work to promote gender equality and fight trafficking in human beings, to encourage individuality, creativity and development of critical thinking skills of children, and to build civic society by facilitating cooperation between non-governmental organisations, initiative groups and other sectors of the society.  NGO Interaction was set up in July 2001 and officially registered on May, 06, 2003. They develop their programmes in response to the real needs of society and work with partner organisations to further their objectives. 


  • The TLG film has been screened 1,400 times at cinemas in Tiraspol and Bender over a period of 16 weeks. The annual viewing audiences of the cinemas combined is more than 500,000, therefore an estimated 125,000 people will have seen the TLG film through this coverage.
  • The TLG film and Interaction Anti-Trafficking Hotline have been advertised through billboards in the city centres of Ribnita and Dubosari. An estimated 75,000 people will see the billboards.
  • Lead partner NGO Interaction has developed an education pack on trafficking using the TLG film and materials. The pack has been approved by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Social Protection and Labour. The pack will be included in teacher training for students at the Pedagogical College in Bender. 500 DVDs which include the education pack have been produced. 
  • 22 peer educators were trained to deliver TLG workshops. Over 170 young people participated in workshops in December 2013 and January 2014 as a result.

Interaction Education Manual