• ‘All Of Our Shadows’ bears a timely and vital message’

    – Indie Critic –

  • ‘All of Our Shadows is a beautifully told tale, with mesmerizing visuals and it carries an important message.’

    – UK Film Review –

  •  There’s so much packed into a short film that’s under ten minutes, and it’s all done so well.

    – Reel Romp –

  • ‘This is definitely one of my favourite animations!!!! I loved it and cried on the inside. amazing work!

    –  Karim Toby reviewing All of Us –

  • I applaud the film’s makers for their use of animation to portray the sinister way in which sex traffickers lure their victims into a life of sexual slavery.

    On Two Little Girls:  Jeff Turner, Stop Child Slavery – 

  • ” This film juxtaposes the childlike innocence of dolls, colourful needlework pictures and happy music with the brutality of assaulting a girl with a knife…”

    –  On Needlecraft: Third Sector Magazine –

  • “This is an effective and memorable way to help protect young women! We need more animation and media to help protect young children and teenagers from evils in our world…”

    – On A Dangerous Journey: Cartoon Brew –

  •  ‘One of the most beautiful and amazing animation films I watched…’

    –  Nurul Ali, reviewing All of Us  –

  •  ‘’This is a beautiful, insightful film about xenophobia, personal courage, and the danger of cultural, political and religious walls.’

    –  Jean Thomas, reviewing All of Us –

  •  ‘Amazing animation simply stunning! Captivating journey from start to finish…’

    –  Julz Asher revewing All of Us –

Ruth Beni is an award-winning filmmaker and writer.

Ruth co-founded Animage Films in 1998 with the artist and animator Richard Burdett. At Animage, Ruth has written and produced original TV programmes and films for national and international broadcasters including ITV and Channel 4.

Since 2007 Ruth’s work has focused mainly on a series of film campaigns tackling the many forms of violence against women, as well as other social issues. Many of the films spearheaded national and international awareness campaigns.

Ruth’s films have received a number of international awards including the 2015 United Nations Gold Award for  Social Issues and recently the 2021 New York Festivals Silver Word Medal Award.

To view these films please go to the films page of this website.

If you would like to get in touch with Ruth please visit the contact page