All of Us 

The campaign is spearheaded by a five-minute animated film conveying the simple yet powerful premise: No child is born with prejudice and therefore children can be a way to build bridges between communities.

For further information on this campaign please visit the All of Us website. 

Secret Gardeners

Leading children’s charity ECPAT UK has launched this animated film aimed at tackling the growing issue of Vietnamese children being trafficked to the UK for cannabis cultivation (Anti-Slavery Day, 18th October 2017).

The film, which is based on real-life experiences of children ECPAT UK has supported, also aims to educate members of the public who use cannabis about the ‘dirty’ supply chains of marijuana that may include child exploitation.
The Secret Gardeners will also be launched in Vietnam in partnership with the Pacific Links Foundation as part of an innovative education programme in schools to help prevent young people being trafficked.


Our Girl 

Our Girl is a national prevention and awareness campaign that is disseminated by specialist organisations in their work with communities, young people and professionals, as well as raising awareness that forcing someone to marry against their will is a breach of basic human rights. Please visit Our Girl for more info. 

Two Little Girls 

Trafficking exists in countries all over the world and is an underground, illegal activity, sometimes connected to organised crime. Those affected by trafficking are a ‘hidden population’, difficult to access, identify and count. Please see our Two Little Girls campaign page for more information.