All of Us 

All of Us film has been spearheading an extensive schools’ campaign in the UK.

For current updates please go to the All of Us website. 


Secret Gardeners

For current updates please go to the ECPAT UK  website.

Our Girl 

Our Girl Campaign continues: Screening of Our Girl at the first International Women’s Film Festival in Islamabad, Pakistan.  Our Girl Pakistan at Mirpur University of Science and Technology, Kashmir screening to 300 students and professors that concluded with a debate. 

For a full version of dramatized interviews of forced marriage survivors please watch Ruth’s film True Stories 

For more updates, please visit Our Girl for more info. 

Emi and Ani is directed toward overcoming phenomena that hinder the social development of marginalized communities such as early pregnancies and dropping out of school. It was made by Roma families with the help of BFPA as continuation of “Two Little Girls” campaign in Bulgaria.

Two Little Girls 

Two Little Girls website

UK’s Government campaign against human trafficking – Two Little Girls. 

Facebook page for Two Little Girls.