Our Girl

Writer, Director & Producer: Ruth Beni

Designer & Animator: Erica Russell

Production Partners: AVA (Against Violence and Abuse)

Forced Marriage transcends more than one culture and is prevalent all over the world including in the UK. Our Girl is a three-minute film aimed at getting communities talking about, and putting a stop to forced marriage. The film is part animated and also features dramatised interviews of women who suffered the consequences of forced marriage, all based on real cases.

Our Girl was made by Animage Films in partnership with the Forced Marriage Unit and AVA (Against Violence and Abuse). The Our Girl campaign has now been awarded a grant from Comic Relief to roll out the film in the UK for an initial run of 18 months. 

For more information about this campaign and film please visit the Our Girl website. 

“A large part of the success of the Two Little Girls campaign is due to the way in which it was designed and managed. In particular, the use of a short, animated film and the quality of the film itself were key factors in creating a product which inspired lead organisations to get involved with the campaign and which appealed to young people and other stakeholders.”

Comic Relief Evaluation