• ‘All Of Our Shadows’ bears a timely and vital message’

    – Indie Critic –

  • ‘All of Our Shadows is a beautifully told tale, with mesmerizing visuals and it carries an important message.’

    – UK Film Review –

  •  There’s so much packed into a short film that’s under ten minutes, and it’s all done so well.

    – Reel Romp –

  • ‘This is definitely one of my favourite animations!!!! I loved it and cried on the inside. amazing work!

    –  Karim Toby reviewing All of Us –

  • I applaud the film’s makers for their use of animation to portray the sinister way in which sex traffickers lure their victims into a life of sexual slavery.

    On Two Little Girls:  Jeff Turner, Stop Child Slavery – 

  • ” This film juxtaposes the childlike innocence of dolls, colourful needlework pictures and happy music with the brutality of assaulting a girl with a knife…”

    –  On Needlecraft: Third Sector Magazine –

  • “This is an effective and memorable way to help protect young women! We need more animation and media to help protect young children and teenagers from evils in our world…”

    – On A Dangerous Journey: Cartoon Brew –

  •  ‘One of the most beautiful and amazing animation films I watched…’

    –  Nurul Ali, reviewing All of Us  –

  •  ‘’This is a beautiful, insightful film about xenophobia, personal courage, and the danger of cultural, political and religious walls.’

    –  Jean Thomas, reviewing All of Us –

  •  ‘Amazing animation simply stunning! Captivating journey from start to finish…’

    –  Julz Asher revewing All of Us –

All of Our Shadows

Watch our new film as part of the All Trilogy. 

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